LYU Ai Ping 吕爱平


  • 香港浸会大学副校长(研究及拓展)
  • 黄英豪博士中医药教授
  • 欧洲科学院外籍院士
  • 香港浸会大学岑尧宽岑碧泉紀念癌症炎症研究中心主任
  • 香港浸会大学整合生物信息医学与转化科学研究所所长
  • 香港浸會大学疼痛联合研究中心主任
  • 中国中医科学院讲座教授
  • 2007年国家自然科学基金杰出青年基金获得者
  • 江西和方科技股份有限公司(国家药物工程中心)总经理
  • 中医、临床药理学、关节炎及相关新药研发专家

Professor Lyu Aiping is a world-leading scientist in system medicine and aptamer-based translational medicine and drug discovery.  He is not only working on basic research that demonstrates novel precision medicine-based therapeutic strategies for rheumatic disease treatment, but also on translational research in collaboration with pharmaceutical industry for the development of novel therapeutic agents. He is the director of the first aptamer R&D platform in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area of China, which has attracted aptamer pharmaceutical industries to establish “Aptamer Drug Valley” in the Hong Kong Science Park. He has developed the world’s first ever osteoblast-targeting nucleic acid aptamer. His first discovery of the therapeutic aptamer targeting Sclerostin loop3 has been granted Orphan Drug Designation by US FDA (DRU-2019-6966) for evaluating the therapeutic potential for promoting bone formation in osteogenesis imperfect. He has also developed the first aptamer-Paclitaxel conjugates, which showcased a precision medicine-based personalized Paclitaxel for targeting specific cancer types, which is currently being developed into anti-cancer therapeutics by a pharmaceutical company.

吕教授提出了使用系统生物学方法鉴定代谢物生物标志物的想法,用于对具有不同临床表现的 RA 患者进行亚型分类。他的临床研究还支持了基于雷公藤 Hook F. 的治疗 RA 的有效疗效,该疗法被中国中西医结合学会推荐为循证临床实践指南。此外,吕教授在上海光华中西医结合医院建立了中国最大的风湿病生物样本库。该生物库帮助他发现了解决来氟米特对血清 C 反应蛋白升高的 RA 患者亚组骨侵蚀作用有限的分子机制。

吕教授发表论文600馀篇,Google Scholar H索引66,i10-index 370,总引用18000多次。多年来,他的研究活动获得了 60 多项专利。

Being a renowned expert and academic in the field, Prof Lyu has been appointed as Head & Spokesperson of the China Delegation, International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on TCM (ISO/TC249) since 2009.  Besides, he also currently serves as Member of Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission and Vice-Chairman, Terminology of Traditional Chinese Medicine Sub-Committee, China National Committee for Terms in Sciences and Technologies (CNCTST). Also he is the director of Chinese Medicine Standardization Office in State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM), and the director of Chinese Medicine Standard Research Center in CACMS. Most recently, he has been elected Foreign Member of the Academia Europaea.