JIANG Jasper 蔣衛強

Mr. Jiang Jasper 蔣衛強

  • Founding partner, Tiger Jade Capital 創始合夥人, 泰欣資本

Mr. JIANG Weiqiang (蔣衛強) has over 25 years of professional experience in both venture capital and private equity investment and brand management. He is the Founding Partner and a member of Investment Committee of Tiger Jade Capital, and is responsible for overall investment and operation of the fund.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Jiang worked at Capital Today, an international private equity firm in focusing on China market from 2008 to 2019, where he last held a partner position of the firm and had led the investments of Fionacos China Co., Ltd. (妍麗化妝品(中國)有限公司), Thatgamecompany, Inc., Aiyi (Xiamen) Food Technology Co., Ltd. (愛逸(廈門)食品科技有限公司). He also got involved in the post-investment management in the companies of Shanghai Inoherb Cosmetics Company Limited (上海相宜本草化妝品股份有限公司) and Ganji.com (趕集網). Prior to joining Capital Today, Mr. Jiang worked at Procter &Gamble (Guangzhou) Ltd. from 1996 to 2008, with his last position being the associate marketing director.

Mr. Jiang obtained a double Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemical Engineering and Economics in 1996 from the South China University of Technology (華南理工大學). He also received his Executive Master of Business Administration Degree from China Europe International Business School (中歐國際工商學院) in 2011.


擔任現時職務前,蔣先生於2008年至2019年在專注於中國市場的國際私募股權基金今日資本工作,離任之前於該公司擔任合夥人職位,曾帶領妍麗化妝品(中國)有限公司、Thatgamecompany, Inc.、愛逸(廈門)食品科技有限公司的投資。彼亦曾參與上海相宜本草化妝品股份有限公司及趕集網的投後管理。加入今日資本前,蔣先生於1996年至2008年任職於廣州市寶潔有限公司,離任之前為市場部副總監。