Visa Information

Visa Requirements

Visa requirements vary depending on your passport, Hong Kong has a separate immigration policy from Mainland China. Under the existing visa-free visit regime, nationals of about 170 countries and territories may visit Hong Kong without a visa/entry permit for a period ranging from 7 days to 180 days. For more information on visa/entry permit requirements for visitors to the HKSAR, you may refer to the “Visit Visa / Entry Permit Requirements for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” webpage. In general, all visitors to Hong Kong must have a passport that is valid for at least one month after the period of their intended stay.

If you do require a visa to visit Hong Kong, these can be obtained from your nearest Chinese embassy.

Mainland Chinese visitors to Hong Kong

Mainland Chinese residents wishing to make business trips to Hong Kong in their private capacity are required to obtain an EEP and an “endorsement for the business visit (Shangwu)” from the relevant Public Security Bureau Office. (Click here for the “Notice to Mainland Residents holding Business Visit Endorsement”)

Foreign visitors to Hong Kong

Visitors from most countries are not required to obtain a visa and can stay for periods varying from 7 days to 180 days, depending on nationality. Please check the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department (HKSAR Visa Requirements for Foreign Countries) for more information regarding visa/entry permit requirements for visitors to the HKSAR.

*You may be required to include Visa Application Supporting Letter. Please email with subject title Visa Application Supporting Letter prior completion of registration and payment.

Foreign visitors to Mainland China

Convention attendees interested on the Greater Bay Area tour following the convention are required to hold a valid passport bearing an entry visa to Mainland China (with the exception of a few passports that can enter without a visa such as Singapore, Japan and the UAE).  

If you are unsure, we kindly ask if you could check with your local Chinese embassy or consulate before traveling.