Become an exhibitor in BIOHK2024


The BIOHK2024 exhibition provides a platform for early-stage spin-outs and established firms to pitch their vision backed by the strength of customized exhibits. With over 250 booths expected to be set up, BIOHK Convention’s exhibition is the perfect opportunity to make meaningful business connections with senior-level management and investors and strengthen your brand. Filled with the latest trends and innovative technologies in biotechnology, the exhibition provides the ultimate opportunity to showcase your brand and gain insights into the latest advancements across the field of biotechnology. BIOHK Convention’s exhibition is truly an event that is not to be missed.

Advantages of Being an Exhibitor

– Gain valuable exposure in font of the entire biotech industry value chain– Gain the opportunity to generate a customer database for future use– Foster brand recognition & showcase innovations to your target market & unlock new trading opportunities
– Discover the latest product developments & explore business development opportunities in the biotech industry– Generate publicity for a potential upcoming launch or IPO– Advertise to a global audience & connect with people from diverse backgrounds & industries
– Pitch your company’s story pipelines & objectives to business buyers, private firms & clients

Why is Exhibiting Crucial for Your Company?

Exhibiting at industry events like BIOHK2024 is a highly effective way for biotech companies to expand their network, raise their profile, and generate new business opportunities. Through exhibiting at the BIOHK2024 Convention, businesses can meet and connect with prospective partners and strengthen relationships with existing contacts. Beyond the exposure and networking opportunities, exhibiting also provides a valuable platform to learn about industry trends and competitors and gain insights into the latest advancements in the field. Ultimately, exhibiting offers a unique opportunity to speak directly to your target market and showcase your groundbreaking research and cutting-edge technologies. 

SME Fund for Local Exhibitors

The SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) is a government initiative designed to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong expand their businesses through active participation in export promotion activities. By participating in BIOHK2024 as an exhibitor, local Hong Kong exhibitors in Hong Kong are eligible for this funding.

Who Should Join Our Exhibition?

  • Government Agencies
  • Healthcare Company
  • Leading Consultants
  • Incubation Centre
  • Pharmaceutical Company
  • Private Sector Investors
  • Research Labs/ Centers
  • R&D Organizations
  • Service Companies
  • Scientists
  • Science/Industrial Parks
  • Start-up Biotech Company
  • Academia
  • Biotech Entrepreneurs
  • CRO and CMO
  • Financial Institution
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