Take part in in-depth discussions and mapping of the latest trends in regional and international industry, research findings and ideas, providing the know-how to best advance your business. Pitch sessions hosted throughout the conference also provide key opportunities to increase visibility and attract more partners.

Be sure to participate as pioneers in biotechnology and healthcare, entrepreneurs and investors from diverse disciplines offer insight on the industry’s most relevant and timely topics through interactive sessions, panel discussions and podium talks. BIOHK2024’s conference will most certainly be the event of the year, providing a plethora of information of crucial relevance to your business.  

Why are pitch sessions crucial for your company?

  • Receive and schedule twice the number of One2One Partnering requests and meetings compared to companies who do not participate in pitch sessions
  • An opportunity to promote your brand face-to-face with potential partners and investors
  • Improve brand recognition through exposure
  • Ideal to jumpstart demand generation efforts
  • Provide your sales team with valuable information that can be used in the future

An opportunity to present and exchange your ideas with other professionals!

Speakers include industry leaders, distinguished academics, international scientists and investors. All under one roof addressing a wide range of topics in biotech inclusive of the latest cancer treatments and diagnostics, infectious diseases like COVID-19, and big data analytics. Interactive sessions, panel discussions and podium talks will also take place throughout the conference. Join us at BIOHK2024 to be part of this signature annual international biotech event and play your leading role in the growth of the biotech sector worldwide.

Conference Topics

Below is the planned conference tracks at BIOHK2024 International Convention. As our theme is biotech kaleidoscope, we are not bound by any limits and welcome all who are interested to speak at BIOHK2024 and any suggestions for topics. Take a leap of faith and be sure to not miss a chance to showcase yourself and be a part of being a major influence in biotech development on a global scale. Submit your proposal or abstract now!
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