Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization supporting vulnerable groups in their fight against the virus

Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization supporting vulnerable groups in their fight against the virus

(Hong Kong, July 6, 2020) As the COVID-19 pandemic ensues, The Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO) has paid close attention to Hong Kong’s elderly community. Recognizing their need for anti-epidemic supplies under the current circumstances, HKBIO decided to cooperate with the Philip KH Wong Foundation, GeneHarbor (Hong Kong) Technologies Ltd and Cellomics International Ltd to donate masks, hand sanitizers and NMN 9000 supplements to Yick Hong Home for the Aged (Kowloon) Ltd to help vulnerable groups protect themselves against the disease.

Anti-epidemic donation campaign helping Hong Kong’s grassroots and vulnerable groups
The anti-epidemic donation campaign was organised by the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization, and together with various biotechnology companies and organisations have donated anti-epidemic supplies to vulnerable groups and people in need since early March. Goal is to help solve their urgent needs under the pandemic, and unite all sectors of society, encouraging everyone to work together in overcoming difficulties.

Professor Cheung-hoi YU, Chairman of the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization, said that “The continuing COVID-19 situation and the resulting high price of anti-epidemic supplies have made life for vulnerable groups very difficult. Our organization’s mission is to “promote the development of biotechnology in Hong Kong”. As such we gathered like-minded people in biotechnology companies and institutions, to contribute towards helping grassroots and disadvantaged communities fight the pandemic, protecting the safety and wellbeing of the general public.”

About Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization 香港生物科技協會簡介
Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization is an independent nonprofit organization (Charities exempted from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance) with the goal to promote best practice, raise awareness across the biotechnology industry while providing added value benefits to its members, whether they are students, researchers, entrepreneurs, industry bodies, public or private sector representatives. Founded by pioneering scientists with extensive life science backgrounds and multi-cultural experience in research and development, engineering and business. Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization aims to establish and facilitate a worldwide platform for the Hong Kong biotech industry, promote awareness, encouraging and enabling international collaboration. We also provide informed opinion and technical advice to government bodies, healthcare institutions and the general public.

Upcoming Events
To promote the development of biotechnology in Hong Kong and business exchanges with international biotechnology companies and institutions, the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization will host an international biotechnology convention BIOHK2021 in March 2021. Many international distinguished guests will attend the event, as well as biotechnology companies from all over the world. Participate in the exhibition and showcase your company’s latest products and scientific research results. Don’t miss this annual event! For details, please visit www.bio-hk.com.

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