SHI Victor 施晨陽

Dr. Victor Shi

  • Partner, Serica Partners;
  • Chairman, careLYFE

Dr. Victor Shi is CEO of Adicon Clinical Laboratories, a leading independent clinical laboratory in China. Adicon operates more than 22 clinical laboratories across China with 5,000 employees and serves over 12,000 hospitals nationwide.

Dr. Shi is General Partner of Serica Partners, a venture capital fund focused on medtech investment.  Previously he was President Asia Pacific of QIAGEN, a NASDAQ- and Frankfurt-listed leading company of In-Vitro diagnostics and life science research tools. He held senior positions at Aura Partners, Bridge Pharmaceuticals, Genospectra, and Pappas Ventures. He was a faculty member at National University of Singapore, School of Medicine and a cancer research scientist at Merck & Co.

Dr. Shi is a Founding Directors of Bayhelix Group, a global association of Chinese life science business executives, and was elected Chairman from 2018 to 2019.