CHAN Wayne

Mr. CHAN Wayne

  • Co-founder & CEO, Gutolution

Gutolution means ‘Gut is the solution for your overall health’. We serve as your personal gut partner by merging science and self-care into a personalized microbiome health experience. Our easy at-home tests and next-generation DNA sequencing technology provide you with a quantified view of your unique microbiome. With our hassle-free at-home wipe-based gut test and next-generation DNA sequencing technology, our in-house artificial intelligence can analyze your unique gut microbiome and provide you with quantified microbiome health reports and evidence-based food recommendations via Gutolution mobile apps. At the same time, we craft a unique probiotic formula for your unique gut health needs and your personalized probiotics are cold shipped directly to your door every month. Free re-test, reformulation of probiotics, and free consultation with our in-house nutritionist are offered every 4 months to ensure the result in your gut-enhancing journey.

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