SONG Simone

Simone Song is the Founder and Senior Partner of ORI Capital, manager of ORI Healthcare Funds. ORI Healthcare Funds focus on investing in early stage and innovative healthcare companies globally. She is the architect of ORIzon, a big data research platform which enables ORI Capital to become a quantimental venture capital fund manager that combines quantitative analysis with fundamental research. Simone serves on the board of directors of various investee companies of ORI Healthcare Funds and is acting as the Chairman of AffyImmune Therapeutics, Inc., and directors of CG Oncology, Inc., Enable Injections, Inc., Pillar Biosciences, Inc. and TriSalus Life Sciences, Inc.. She was the former Head of Goldman Sachs Healthcare Investment Banking for Greater China. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, she was a Managing Director of Cowen Group, a member of the advisory board of AXA Investment Managers, and an executive board advisor to AXA Asia Pacific Holdings. Simone received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Fudan University in China and a Master of Arts in Economics from Claremont Graduate School.