What is Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)?

  1. Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character alphanumeric code.
  2. Introduced as a global standard by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) after the 2007-2008 financial crisis.
  3. Designed to uniquely identify entities engaged in financial transactions.
  4. Provides consistency and universality in identifying parties.
  5. Contains information about the entity’s name, registered address, etc.
  6. Issued and maintained by accredited Local Operating Units (LOUs) worldwide.
  7. Used for regulatory compliance, risk management, and counterparty identification.
  8. Important for tracking systemic risks and global financial system interconnectedness.

LEI-embedded emblem

Unlock Trust, Build Credibility: Seamless Transparency

At CertLei, a potent solution is offered, merging the credibility of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) with attention-grabbing emblems. The unique CertLei emblems prominently display essential information, ensuring trust is easily established and payments are facilitated effortlessly.

Showcasing Company Identity, Across the Globe

The emblem, embedding LEI details, prominently showcases the verified status of the company, presenting the company name in both local and English languages, along with the country of origin. Through this visual representation, credibility is established, and global recognition is attained.

Simplify Trust, Make Payment Easy

At payment time, the emblem transforms into the company’s trust indicator. Counterparties can conveniently verify the company’s LEI information by clicking on the LEI code within the emblem, guaranteeing a seamless transaction process. Simplified trust ensures effortless payments.

Top 5 reasons you should obtain Legal Entity Identifier(LEI) for your biotech company:

1. Trusted Global Identifier

LEI serves as a trusted identifier, confirming the legitimacy and registration status of entities globally. LEI-embedded emblems ensure global recognition while maintaining a strong local presence.

2. Standardized Efficiency

LEI offers a standardized, globally accessible tool consolidating company data, streamlining verification processes, and enhancing credibility. The emblem also includes the name matched with your company bank account for reliable transactions.

3. Compliance and Accessibility

LEI serves as a reliable safeguard against regulatory requirements, providing flexibility in business naming and transparency in organizational structure. Obtaining LEI is accessible and straightforward, ensuring compliance and facilitating transparency in global financial transactions.

4. Improved Risk Management

Enables better tracking and assessment of counterparty risk, vital in the highly regulated and risk-sensitive biotech industry.

5. Access to Financial Markets

Facilitates access to capital markets by meeting listing requirements, enhancing the biotech company’s credibility among investors and streamlining fundraising efforts.

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